Monday, January 14, 2013

Save Money with SavingStar...Super Easy!

I just earned my first $1 with SavingStar! I've had SavingStar for a while now but really didn't use it. So at the start of the month I just went in and selected almost all the coupons so I could maximize my earning potential. This morning I received an email stating a had earned $1!! I totally forgot I had made that purchase (it was for Soft Scrub) and since I had only paid $1 for it out of pocket, this means my purchase was FREE!

Needless to say, I am super excited about SavingStar all over again! I looked and noticed that I had also activated a 50 cents off Bisquick coupon and with my Bisquick purchase yesterday, which I talked about here simply means I should be receiving that in my account very soon.

Yay me!! Yay SavingStar! You should definitely sign up, as they say...don't leave money on the table! the easiest way to save money on groceries! Click Here


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