Monday, February 3, 2014

Juice Cleanse: Day 26

Well, I'm officially in the final stretch. I've completed 26 days of my 30 day juice cleanse My focus has been on de-cluttering my space and getting back into the swing of going to the gym to workout cardio and weights for my 100 day workout challenge (which started yesterday, btw!).

I feel great. I think I'm still detoxing as well but mainly I feel a shift in my mental and spiritual awareness. Hard to explain, but its happening. I look at my chart I made to tick off each day of the cleanse so I would have a visible reminder of my progress and am still in awe of how far I've come. I remember on Day 9 I was having a hard time visualizing the end. Such a big change, not chewing, not eating just drinking. No pasta, no breads, no candies, no fast food, none of the stuff I've come to love and get addicted to over the years. The next 30 days may actually be the most challenging as that is when the raw transition begins to ease my system back into eating with overloading my body. I actually think I'll do raw for 2 weeks and also incorporate cooked veggies for the next 2 weeks. I am definitely looking forward to some cabbage and collard greens!

The previous 2 days I really didn't have much of an appetite...but today that's all changed! Probably just a phase or something. It did make me a little worried.  To be honest, I have probably reach my limit drinking juices, just tired of it. I started drinking Bolthouse Farms smoothies for a little variety. God Bless the people who juice for 40, 60 days and longer, I tip my hat to them!

4 more days! Excited!