Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look What The Mailman Brought!

I love getting free samples in the mail!  My goal is to get as many free samples and rebates per month as I do bills! Today my Kleenex sample came in the mail.  Great size for travel or for the purse!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

25 Cent Ketchup at CVS

CVS had these Ketchup bottles on clearance.  They have a 50% off section and these were originally $1, but they rang up as 25 cents!

Being that we were totally out of ketchup and just down to using the packets (lol) this was a great buy. I almost picked up one bottle yesterday for $2, but instead I was able to score 8 for the same amount today! 
These are smaller bottles, but they should last us into about February or March but my plan is to donate a few to the local food pantry.

I went to the other CVS near me and they didn't have these on sale, so check to see if these are on clearance at your local CVS.  

FREE Skintimate Shave Gel at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has Skintimate shaving gel (travel size) for 2 for $3.00.  Use two 75 cent off coupons, which will double to score 2 for free!  The coupons were available about a month or so on  Edge shaving gel is also on sale as well for the man in your life.  Go get your free stuff!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

How I saved BIG on my trip to Vegas...and then blew it all at the casinos!! Part 1

Traveling is one thing I love to do, that I don't do nearly enough of! I made a vow that this year...that would change!

In June my sweetie and I took a trip to Vegas.   I was determined to squeeze the dollar until it screamed, and that's exactly what I did.!

Saving money on trips requires advance planning, strategy and patience.  It helps to understand whats a good deal and whats not a good deal in your destination area.  For example, I blew the chance to stay at the Bellagio because I didn't know what a good deal was for the area.   I saw the price drop to $584 per person (including hotel and flight) on Priceline and I didn't snag the deal.  The price went up to over $800 a few days later.  Live and learn!

All was not lost as we wound up staying at Planet Hollywood for about $550 per person including hotel and air. Just like the Bellagio, Planet Hollywood is a 4-star hotel right in the middle of the Strip.   I just checked rates at the Planet Hollywood for the same amount of days we stayed and got a quote from Priceline for over $900!  Timing is everything...remember that.

Planet Hollywood is a 4-star hotel and it was a great deal!  I found creative ways to keep us fed including finding free coupons off local Vegas sites (a lot of buy one, get one deals) and using Living Social and Groupon.  We scored a Groupon for Lagasse Stadium at the Venetian and wound up paying about 60 percent less than we would have had we ate there without a groupon

I booked a package deal, but only after making sure I couldn't get a better deal if booking my hotel and air separately.  We didn't rent a car, we walked everywhere!  Saved money on cabs that way and got a good workout. I was also able to land Cirque tickets half off via a ticket discounter site. We went to see Zumanity. Yeah....thats a post for another time!

It's late and I'm quite tired but I do want to share how I saved and the strategies I used so that we found great deals and were able to stretch our dollar. So stay tuned for part 2... - no one deals like we do!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DiGiorno Pizza $1.33 at Walgreens!

DiGiorno pizza is on sale at Walgreens 3 for $10.00 which works out to 3.33 each,  use your $2 off any DiGiorno pizza coupon to get your pizza pie for just $1.33.

If you haven't grabbed your coupon, you can get it off of DiGiorno's Facebook page here:
Take the Ditch Delivery pledge to claim your $2 coupon. Remember you can print this coupon twice, so be sure to get yours!

Minute Maid Juice Boxes $2 off Coupon

Spread the word about Minute Maid and get a $2 off coupon for any Minute Maid juice box pack!  All you have to do is send an email to 3 people and you will be directed to a page that you can print your coupon.  As always, hit your back button so you can print 2 coupons (2 coupons is the limit)!

Pair this coupon with a sale at your local store and you have yourself a great deal (maybe even free)!!!

To get your coupon go here:

Sites I LOVE!

I am always on the look out for a good deal (if you couldn't tell)!  Sites like Groupon and Living Social have made it easy to find great deals on things that would normally be costly. I actually was able to save bundles on my trip to Vegas using sites like Groupon!

So....I am super happy to see another site pop up with a similar concept. Deal Find is a national site offering local deals to subscribers.  I like it because I'm seeing a lot of spa/massage type deals which is perfect for me!

Check out what they have in your area! It's free to sign up and you will be notified of special deals daily.

To subscribe for FREE click the link below:

Your Guide to Daily Deals at 50% to 90% OFF. Find out what today's deal is now! Click Here

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Dove Sample

Get your free Dove deodorant sample! Offer is from Costco, but you don't have to be a Costco member to claim your free sample!  To get your sample click here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Natural Diva's and Curly Cuties: Get Your FREE Miss Jessies Sample!

Curly and natural diva's get your free sample of Miss Jessies!
To get your free sample, you must like Miss Jessies on Facebook (for new fans only).  

Not too often do we come across product samples for natural beauties, so by all means jump on this!

Once you like their page, email to claim your free sample.  The free sample is for their Curly Pudding, a Miss Jessies best seller.

USA residents only!


Grab your free sample at the store or online.  No purchase necessary for sample!
To claim your sample visit:

Hurry, offer good this weekend only October 14-16

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Filene's Basement Running of the Brides

It's that time of the year again! Filene's Basement is gearing up for its annual and hugely popular Running of the Brides event.
The Running of the Brides draws thousands of bride each year.  Brides can choose from anywhere from 1400 to 3000 gowns with prices ranging up to $700. The retail prices of the gowns range from a low $900 up to a whopping $9,000!  So for the bride who wants a deal, Running of the Brides is the place to be!

Continue reading on Filene's Basement Running of the Brides - Washington DC LGBT Weddings |

Chic Coupon Organizer!

Simply Chic File Folders by Carolina Pad - Pinstripe, Houndstooth, Scroll

A must have! Chic and practical way to hold my coupons! YES!  This is not just for coupons, it can organize any files...i just love it! Gotta get one ASAP!

To get yours click here to visit Franklin Covey  Best of all, its just $5!!

Holiday Gift Giving Guide O' Freebies 5: Upromise

How about the gift of savings?!

I have been using Upromise since before my son was born and I have nothing but positive things to say.  Whenever possible always look for and use passive savings methods.  Upromise is a passive savings method.  Register your cards once and get paid repeatedly on your purchases.  I quickly saw my account swell to a few hundred dollars for doing nothing more than going about my day.  You can earn money on gas purchases, online purchase, restaurant purchases...pretty much anything.

Upromise is the smart way to save for college!

Upromise is a great way to pay of student loans, pay for college or just generate some extra cash.  You can even have family and friends sign up and their purchases will earn you money!  Can't beat that!

Joining Upromise is fast, simple and free.  Get started today by picking the banner below!

Turn Your Everyday Spending into College Savings!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Savings Video

<a href='' target='_new' title='Don&#39;t Be Afraid of Halloween (Expenses)' >Video: Don&#39;t Be Afraid of Halloween (Expenses)</a>

Sharing this great video!

FREE Sample of Shower Gel & Body Butter From Find Your Bliss

Monday, October 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide O' Freebies 4:!

I'm still excited about my find that I figured I would round up some of the hottest items you can use with your $10 sign-up credit!  All of the below items you can get for FREE! Just sign up by clicking here.
Shipping fee is accessed to each order.

Gift Idea:
The mug above is an excellent gift! Great for coffee or tea lover!  Stuff with individual servings of coffee or tea packets as well as sugar or creamer to give a thoughtful gift!  

Another idea is to make a hot chocolate sachet complete with hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Layer each ingredient for a visually appealing look! Put sachet in mug and wrap with cellophane. Tie with curly ribbon and include card.  Viola!  
$9 Cosmetic Bag
$8.50 E Reader Hoodie - Red
$7.50 Clip E Reader Light - Red

FAB Finds For Under $75!

I am totally enamored with this new site (well, its new to me) If you're into chic unique finds this site is IT! I mean the selection of items that are either handcrafted or just extremely unique is AMAZING!  I haven't been excited about a site in a long time but this site is, as they say,!

If you like to look good and have an affinity for purchasing items because they are unique and of course, want to save a few bucks. is the site for you!

First, you HAVE to join!! To sign up CLICK HERE and get a $10 credit for using this link!
Joining Fab is by invitation only, so here is your invitation!

Native Red Fringe Necklace
Retails for $48 price $31
8-bit Code Colorized Square Scarf
Retails for $ price $58.50

Orangie Birds Pillow
Retails for $ $59
Shark's Tooth Earrings Dark Red
Retails for $ price $39

Sprig Rain Stick Umbrella
Retails for $ price $27

oh, and don't forget to get your groovy phone case for free at Save More or just click here.  As soon as you sign up you will get a free $10 which you can use towards the phone case deal which is just $7.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Got An Opinion? Get Paid!

Get paid for speaking your mind! 'Nuff said!

oh, and don't forget to get your groovy phone case for free at Save More or just click here.  As soon as you sign up you will get a free $10 which you can use towards the phone case deal which is just $7.

Holiday Gift Giving Guide O' Freebies 3: Games @ Toys R Us!

Who doesn't love board games?  They make for great family activities and also something the kids can do alone! So, here is a GREAT deal on board games at Toys R Us.  I saw the Toys R Us insert this morning and figured I could grab a game for a few bucks, but thanks to Heather over at Queen Bee Coupons for showing me and now you how to grab 5 games for just under $7!!!

So here's the scoop, again, this is courtesy of Queen Bee Coupons!

From the looks of today’s Toys R Us ad you might be able score SIX Hasbro games for only $7.94 out of pocket – making them only $1.32 each. But the coupons you would use EXPIRE TODAY so you will need to take advantage of this deal today, October 9.
Toys R Us is having a special Bonus Savings offer:
  • Get $5 Bonus Savings on any total Hasbro game purchase of $25 or more
  • Get $10 Bonus Savings on any total Hasbro game purchase of $30 or more
I’m guessing that the Bonus Savings will just be automatically deducted at the checkout (initial reports is YES, it’s coming off at register!), but the ad is not really clear. So we’ll need someone to confirm/deny this to make sure it will work this way.
        Buy Scrabble, Sorry or Monopoly $8.99
Buy  four $5.99 games – Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Cootie Game or Candy Land – $23.96
Subtotal = $32.95 (plus tax)
SUBTRACT $10 Bonus savings for being over $30
New Subtotal = $22.95
Then. . .
Use one (1) $4/1 Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Scrabble, or Jenga 9/11/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/9/2011)
Use four (4)  $3/1 Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory or Cootie game coupon from 9/11/2011 SS insert
Final price =  $6.95 for all FIVE games? That’s only $1.39 each!
Initial reports are YES, it’s coming off automatically at the register. :)  You should save your $10 instantly on your pre-coupon total because coupons are a form of payment. Coupons are treated as cash, so they should allow you to use them and get your total down before $30 and still qualify for the $10 bonus savings.
Don’t need games? At this price, you could always pick them up and save them for a giving tree this Christmas or perhaps donate them to a shelter.
For the full post hop on over to Queen Bee Coupons CLICK HERE

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walmart Owed Me 15cents!! YEAH!!!!!!!

I realize that I can't go on a shopping spree with 15cents, but its the principal that counts.

The razors I purchased. Image courtesy of Consumer
I went to Walmart to actually purchase some printer ink (which they didn't have, at least not the one I needed anyway) and since I went to the Walmart the farthest from me (read all about that here), I decided that I was not going to leave empty handed.  I wanted to get as many items for free as I could.  I wasn't looking for cheapies just freebies. I did have a stack of coupons that I thought would get me some free stuff, but none of the matchups worked.  But I did have one final $6.00 of 2-Schick razors coupon and one $3 off 1 Schick razor coupon that I was able to use. Since it was late and the associates were in the process of restocking, the bin that the razors are normally in was empty and I almost left without my razors until I realized something.  Right behind the bins were shopping carts with boxes and bags of unstocked items and the razors I wanted to purchase were in there too! SCORE!

Since these razors cost just $1.97 per bag, I had about a $3 overage. My sweetie cakes mentioned she wanted some Cheetos, so I used the overage to purchase them.  Checkout took a lot longer than it should have because the cashier couldn't believe that the value of my coupons were greater than the value of the actual item.  I was patient, and didn't get irate or rude because I may have her as a cashier another day.  Finally, the manger came and told her it was fine and that they (Walmart) "gets paid for the coupons anyway". I thought to myself, "finally some one who knows how this works".  Funny because I had the same issue the last time I used the coupons.  I don't know if the cashiers don't know store policies or if they are really in shock and can't figure out how I get the stuff for free.  My thought is that if they don't loose money...neither the store nor does it come from out of their paychecks and besides making sure the coupon matches the item, whats' the big deal?

But I overage covered the prices of the Cheetos, the tax and I got back 15cents.  It's like getting paid to shop.  They're giving me money, rather than me giving them money...I like it!

It was a small shopping trip today, but it gave me an idea of a bigger strategy to score some good items for holiday shopping using what I will call "The Law of Overages".  A post about that coming soon!  In case you need proof, my receipt is below.  You will notice two subtotals...that's because the cashier was trying to make sense of how I was getting this stuff for free. LOL. Bless her heart!

oh, and don't forget to get your groovy phone case for free at Save More or just click here.  As soon as you sign up you will get a free $10 which you can use towards the phone case deal which is just $7.

Holiday Gift Giving Guide O' Freebies 2: Phone Cases

Here is another great gift idea, perfect stocking stuffers for the smart phone junkie in your life!  Land a great  cell phone case for nothing with this awesome deal at Save More!

You can get $15 worth of electronic skins for just $7.  Here's how you get it:

  • Use this link to register for Save More. Save More is like Living Social or Group On for nick knacks and small items that come in handy.
  • Once you register you will be credited $10 to your account for FREE
  • Take your credit to purchase the electronic skins for FREE!!!

Watch your email, Save More will send you a voucher to use.  Once you get your voucher, you can redeem your deal at the company's website.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Kept Secret of the Week: GREAT Swiffer Deal at CVS

I think this is perhaps the best kept secret of the week!

In the 10/2 Sunday paper was a high-value coupon for Swiffer. You can purchase one swiffer system and get one swiffer refill free (up to a $7 value).  CVS has Swiffer on sale this week for just $8.99.  If you purchase $15 worth of Swiffer (and a few other products are included in the promotion too including Mr. Clean) you get $5 Extra Care Bucks!

Since we got our hardwood floors,I have been sweeping every day, some times twice a day but since I've gotten the Swiffer, it makes things so much easier and even the kids want to "sweep" now! LOL.

But I digress. Here is how I paid $11 for a brand new Swiffer and 2 refills.  I purchased the $8.99 Swiffer system and 2 Swiffer refills(one wet, one dry) that are also on sale for $3.99.  I wound up paying just $1 for both refills after my coupon ($7 value) and qualified for $5 in extra care bucks.  So my true total cost was just about $11.  The Swiffer system also came with coupons for use on a future purchase.

If you considered getting a Swiffer, now is the time! This is a great deal.  The system I think retails for close to $16 by itself.  So paying just $11 for the Swiffer and 2 refills packs is an incredible deal!

Holiday Gift Freebies 1: FREE Transformers Dark of the Moon Toy @ Target

This will make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the little boy in your life.  My son is 10 and while I am not sure if these would be a good gift for him (he may or may not play with it), they sure would make a great as gift for another family member, a birthday present or a donation.

Here's how to get it free.  These toys start at around $7.99 at Target.  You can stack the Target mobile coupon for $5 off Transformers: Dark of the Moon action figure with the $5 manufacturer coupon available on the Target site.  As long as your toy is $9.99 or under, you can get this item FREE!

To view and print the Dark of the Moon manufacturer coupon visit:
Yes, this is a manufacturers coupon even though its on the Target site.

Oh and the BONUS is that Hasbro is currently running a special offer, when you spend $20 on Dark of the Moon Toys you can get a FREE Transformers gift pack.  For details visit:

Happy Shopping!

Saving Big On Holiday Gifts - October 7, 2011

So the holidays are just under 90 days away, now is the time to start to rack up on gifts for friends and family. So I will be posting finds for free or cheap...stay tuned!  First Transformers at Target!

Free Sample of Snuggle

Get your free Snuggle sample after a short survey!

Free Sample of Welches Fruit Snacks!

Answer a few questions and for your free sample. Allow 3-5 minutes to complete the survey. I love these!

Save at CVS on Tide and Gain! Just $5.97!

I can't believe I forgot to post about this! This week, CVS is having a sale on Tide and Gain for just $5.97! They have discounted the Gain about $7 and the Tide about $10. I've been noticing a lot of sales on detergents the past 2 weeks or so. I don't know if this is normal or a part of a cycle...but I am not complaining!

I purchased about 2 weeks ago, 20 - $2 off coupons for Tide or Gain powder detergent for like $1 on ebay. It was a no-brainer (even if I don't use all the coupons but so far I've used half).

The CVS deal also gives you $10 in extra care bucks for purchasing $30 worth of Tide or Gain. For me, this was an unbelievable deal.

I went to my local CVS and purchased 5 boxes of Tide and Gain and with the coupon they came to just $3.97 per box. I used a $5 extra care bucks I had from a previous purchase. My total out of pocket, was a little under $15 and with my $10 extra care bucks I earned for the purchase, I actually spent just about $5 plus tax for 5 boxes of detergent or about .62 cents per box!

Who is a happy camper????


This is what couponing can do.  While I have never purchased coupons before, and I don't plan on it often. I will always be on the look out for high value coupons that I know I will use.  I paid just $1 for the coupons I purchased on ebay and I've already saved $10...not a bad ROI!

I was so excited about my purchase I went back the next day and purchased 5 more boxes (this time I bought Gain) and used a $4 extra care reward coupon.

Maybe I will take a picture and post it for all the world to see!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Sample of Crystal Light

If you love Crystal Light (like me), you won't mind spending about 3 minutes completing a survey to get a free sample!

Free Bare Minerals @ the Sephora Sample inside JC Penny!

Okay, maybe I've been under a rock but I didn't know that Sephora was in JC Penny now.  But I'll tell you what, I will sure be snagging my free Bare Minerals samples next time I'm in JC Penny!  To get your sample coupon click here.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$1.85 Retail at Walmart! Saved 92%.

So I did pretty good at Walmart today. In my earlier post I mentioned going to the Walmart a bit further from me because my Walmart usually doesn't have the razors I need to get.  Well, I didn't get a chance to goto the other Walmart and as expected, my Walmart did not have the razors...sigh...  But I did pretty good with pretty much everything else and saved over 90%!  I got quite a few items for free.  Here's my take.

3 Scrubbing Bubbles for the Toilet on sale for $3.97 each. Used three - $4 off coupons.
Price Paid: FREE + small overage.  Get these coupons HERE.
2 Rayovac Battery Backs at 97cents each. Used two - $1 off coupons
Price Paid: FREE + small overage. Get these coupons HERE.
2 Covergirl Eyeshadows at $2.92 each. Used one $8 of 2 cover girl face products coupon
Price Paid: FREE = 2.16 overage.  Coupons came in the 10/2 Sunday Paper.

I also grabbed some mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese for the Ziti I made for dinner.  Total price before tax $1.85 :-)  My overage actually got my ricotta cheese free and a few cents of the mozzarella cheese. For a savings of 92%.

Not too bad!

Extra Cash In Your Pocket: Write!

A great way to make extra cash is by writing.  You don't have to be a prolific writer, just as long as you have a grasp of basic English and can form a proper sentence you can make some money writing.  It helps to write about topics that you are in interested in, this way it doesn't feel so much like work.

I will start a page dedicated to proven and profitable ways to make extra money in your spare time. is a great way to write about a topic that interests you and earn some extra bucks while doing it.
I too, write for and even though I will admit I haven't been as consistent as I should be, I get paid a little everyday just for page views...can't beat that!

Here are a few reasons to write for

  1. Fun - offers many topics on which you can write about.  You can get paid to write about stuff that you already write about, things that interest you and topics you think are poorly covered in the world of print media.
  2. Authority - Writing for is a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a topic.  Being seen as knowledgeable about a specific topic gives you credibility and may open up other doors.
  3. Money - Yes, you can make some decent cash writing for  Write consistently, and within the year you could have enough money to do all your holiday shopping.  Choose a hot in-demand topic and your chances for earnings soar.
Alright, writing for does require an application, but what doesn't?  If you want to get started writing for click here! Tell 'em I sent ya!  If you do become a writer for leave a comment with a link to your content!

Living Large Vacations on a Paupers Budget

This blog is not just about coupons and freebies but all about how to have a quality of life that is above your pay grade.  You very well can live large on a small budget, but you must learn your TAPS (Time Assertiveness Planning and Strategy). Confused? Don't worry I have an entire post dedicated to TAPS coming soon!  But in the meantime, I want to show you how you can travel within the U.S. and stay in 4 and 5 star hotels for less than market value.

Stay tuned for my 3 part series.  Don't travel without it!!

Coupon Booklet at Dollar General/Family Dollar

Just wanted to let you know that you can grab coupon booklets at Family Dollar and/or Dollar General that include great savings on toothpaste, fabric softener and a few other common items.  The coupon booklets are free, so get yours before they're gone.  Here are the coupons you can find in the booklet:

Save $1.50 on Optic White Toothpaste
Save $1.00 on Colgate 360 Toothbrush
Save $1.00 on 2 Palmolive Dish Liquids
Save $1.00 in Colgate Total Advanced
Save $1.00 on 2 Suavitel Fabric Softeners
Save $1.00 on 2 Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners

The Walmart Heist

Okay, its not exactly a "heist", but I couldn't resist the catchy title!  My next feat is to grab a whole bunch of free items (after coupons) from Walmart.  Among the items I plan to get for nada are batteries, razors, cover girl makeup, scrubbing bubbles, instant potatoes and a few other items.  I am still planning my trip out and I may have to go to the Walmart that is about 12 minutes away as opposed to my local store (since my local store tends not to have items I want to buy for some reason).

The one thing I like about Walmart is that they apply overages to the rest of your purchase.  What that means is that if you have a coupon for $2 for an item that costs $1.75, the 25 cents will be applied towards the rest of your order.  Can't beat that!

One of the items I don't have in my pantry is pasta and since I plan on making Ziti for dinner tomorrow I will need to pick up a box of pasta and mozzarella cheese, maybe even some ricotta if my overages allow.

Wish me luck!

Free Sample of Mr. Clean!

Go and get it!

Get a free sample of Mr. Clean with your participation.
Click Here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extra Cash Anyone?

Okay, so let me tell you a little secret...

I am the Queen of finding ways to not only save money but make it as well.  I've been a part of a group called e-rewards which pays me for taking surveys.  I only do it when I have time, so I doubt I've made nearly as much as I could have if I had done it consistently.  But, it does pay enough to keep my magazines subscriptions free and a few other fun stuff.  Now, e-rewards is by invite only, and I'm not even entirely sure how I become involved.  So while you can't sign up for that program, here are a few others that are equally as good and can get you some cash and perks for taking a bit of time to complete easy surveys.

Here are some good ones:

Earn fast cash by taking online surveys. Sign up and GET $5.00 CASH in your Surveyhead rewards account. Click Here

Free Samples and Coupons Survey

Keep checking back for more!

Never Leave Home Without It..

Coupons! What else would it be?

Never leave home without your coupons.  I find the best storage place for coupons is in my vehicle.  Why? Because when I have coupons with me I never have that kick myself moment when I see a great deal that would be even sweeter with my coupon.

No, I don't sort, clip and organize my coupons in my car...but I just make sure that I grab them whenever I leave the matter what.  Keeping coupons handy shouldn't spur unnecessary shopping, but rather give you the opportunity to never miss saving.  An unadvertised special at your local grocery store, could turn a cheap deal into a free deal...if you have your coupons!

Why pay more when you don't have to?

Free Toothpaste Sample from Aquafresh

Yup, it's true...and get a whole lot of coupons too!

Get your sample here: