Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Do You Coupon?

I coupon because it's fun. It's a sport, with the goal of saving as much money as I can.  I feel like a kid in a candy store when I save sixty, seventy, eighty percent and more off my purchase. Getting something for free is bliss!

I also coupon because I can save money, lots of it. I don't buy what I don't need or want but I will stock up on items when they hit rock bottom prices AND I have coupons making a great deal. I estimate we save sixty percent on groceries each month and ninety percent on toiletries such as deodorant, toilet paper, soap, etc...  I cringe at the check out when a few frozen pizza's, eggs, orange juice and other everyday items ring up at $50. I can't believe that people actually pay these prices. On a retail grocery bill of $50, I normally pay $20 or less...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Couponing is a way of life, I can't bring myself to pay for an item full price especially if I know there is a coupon for it.

Couponing is real savings.  One of my passions is to travel. My goals for this year is to visit waterfalls around the country, saving money with couponing will allow me to do just that.

Couponing is just smart business. As women, we are the She-eo of our homes and our lives. Not using coupons is like elected to be paid  $50,000 for a job when you had the choice to pick between making $75,000 and making $50,000 for the same job with the same company...who in their right mind would choose to make less? Not me!

Couponing is a part-time job at least for me it is. Well, it's more like a hobby not a job...but it pays. If I had to quantify couponing for about 15 hours of "work" a week, I save about $25,000 a year probably more.  I have so much fun doing it I can easily get lost in it!

I think everyone should coupon. Even if its just for one item. Feminine hygiene products are pricey, couponing on those alone can cut the cost by at least 50%-70% maybe more.

I am really big about products to beautify the home, make life better", fashion and beauty products. Yes, its possible to save money on makeup and other things outside of groceries and toiletries as well!

So this is why I coupon. Tell me below, why do you coupon?

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