Fun, Chic & Frugal Gift Giving Ideas

Kids party ages 5 (boy) and 7 (girl).

I had a 3 hour window to get together gifts for a last minute party my daughter was invited to. I pulled out of my stockpile 1 Bumblebee transformers (FREE at Target, used Target Mobile Coupon and Manufacturers coupon) and 1 Love's Teddy and Body Spray set ($3.50 at CVS, was 50% off during after Christmas sale).  We have an assortment of cards, that I rack up on for occasions like this as well.

I set aside the comic section about once a month from the Sunday paper to use as wrapping paper which I used to wrap these gifts.  I think its such a fun alternative to traditional wrapping paper and is a great way to reuse items!  Added to the gifts were ribbon tied around in the bow that I had around the house.  I used a purple shiny ribbon for the girls gift and a cupcake ribbon with blue accents for the boys gift.

Here are the before and after:


Finished Gifts

Total cost: $3.50 plus small incremental cost of ribbon and comic paper (maybe 15 cents).
Outcome: 2 happy children!