Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Money and Earn Prizes off of Everyday Activities!

Yes, you can absolutely make money and earn prizes by doing the things you do everyday such as searching the internet and watching TV.  I know sometimes you see ads floating around the internet to this effect and with so much SPAM, hype and downright lies on the 'net I know sometimes you may just turn a blind to all this stuff.  But yes, there are legitimate ways to make money doing what you normally do.  Keep reading to learn how you can make money and/or earn prizes for surfing the net, watching tv and well, doing nothing at all.

Make money by surfing the 'net

If you're reading this, chances are you surf the 'net at least once a day.  If you're like me, who is always searching the 'net, even better! Swagbucks is a great program that gives you swagbucks (their form of currency) for doing what you would normally do on Google or any other search engine.  You can also earn swagbucks for watching videos, playing games, taking quick polls, etc...
I have cashed out for $50 in paypal, used bucks for things like Target giftcards, restaurant giftcards, groupon giftcards and the list goes on and on. I mean this is really a super easy way to make money or to use your Swagbucks towards giftcards and other prizes. If you earn just 15 Swagbucks a day, in just one month you will have enough for a $5 Amazon giftcard, which is just 450 swagbucks. But you can easily earn 450 swagbucks in a week or just a few days! When I tell you I love Swagbucks, I LOVE Swagbucks. It's super easy to do and fun.

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Make money by watching TV

Oh, Viggle...how I love thee!!  Watch tv, check in with Viggle, earn points, get free stuff. 'Nuff said. Join Viggle here.

Make money for doing...nothing...no joke

I swear this is the laziest but completely legit way to make money known to woman, well... at least to me.  Okay, Media Insiders is a program that you can download to your phone and every month they give you a $5 Tango card which you can use for giftcards or to just plain cash out. You do nothing but download the app to your phone...that's it. I forget that I even have it on my phone until they send me an email letting me know they've deposited $5 in my Tango account. I've been a member since late November 2012 and I have $10 so far. And I've done absolutely nada...that is a SWEET deal. So even if you doing nothing, you can still make a little something something!

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