Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Review

I am sooo excited about doing this review! I've had my eye on these polishes since they came out and just didn't grab them because I didn't find a deal to my liking! So I finally grabbed a bottle at Harris Teeter for just $1.99, the were 4.99 and I used a $1 P&G coupon plus a $2 eVIC. And in the realm of polishes and polish prices this was a great deal.

I picked up a color they call Constant Caribbean which is a blue-ish green color, which dries to an almost metallic-like glossy finish. I think its a nice color...easy on. Very forgiving of my mistakes (I'm not the best nail painter :-).  It dries super quick, which is great for me because I'm super impatient. I did mess up because I used a base and top coat and apparently that is not required! Oh well, next time I will just use it alone as the product directions suggest.

Overall, I say this product is a BUY. There are pricer polishes out there that perform the same as this one does. With a $5 retail, it's not a bad price. Of course, use the P&G Coupon (expires Jan 31) and pair with any other deal/sales you can find.

SUGGESTION: BUY WITH DEAL! You can usually find a sale at CVS on CoverGirl plus the P&G coupon will save you an additional $1

A few pics are below, let me know what you think!

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