Saturday, January 12, 2013

Accessories Clearance Sale at Target. Save Up to 75%!

I went to Target in search of some great clearance deals and since I got a late start, everything that I was looking for was already gone :-(
BUT, I did find some great deals in the accessories section, great prices and still a decent selection of inventory remaining.

My eye was drawn to these cute colorful skinny belts which are perfect for spring. I plan on wearing more colors this spring so these belts are a perfect way to dress up my wardrobe.  I only grabbed 2, a teal and a purple belt; but as you can see from the picture above there is an assortment of colors. Belts were just $3.88 but were regularly $12.99. Other belts were on clearance as well.

Handbags, purses and umbrellas were also marked down. Check our your local target you may find somethings you like at a bargain price.

A while ago I posted about these hot shoes being a great buy and as most things go, they are now on clearance.  The good thing about a clearance is the great prices, the bad thing is that usually the selection is small, especially in the case of shoes. The shoe below comes in purple, blue, green and red but they only had purple and I believe one other color left and just a few sizes.  Now the price is right at just $17, so if you love these shoes grab 'em!  The shoes are available on in all colors and sizes, but the price is about $29, which is a few bucks less than the regular retail price, but not as deeply discounted as you will find them in the stores.

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