Friday, October 21, 2011

How I saved BIG on my trip to Vegas...and then blew it all at the casinos!! Part 1

Traveling is one thing I love to do, that I don't do nearly enough of! I made a vow that this year...that would change!

In June my sweetie and I took a trip to Vegas.   I was determined to squeeze the dollar until it screamed, and that's exactly what I did.!

Saving money on trips requires advance planning, strategy and patience.  It helps to understand whats a good deal and whats not a good deal in your destination area.  For example, I blew the chance to stay at the Bellagio because I didn't know what a good deal was for the area.   I saw the price drop to $584 per person (including hotel and flight) on Priceline and I didn't snag the deal.  The price went up to over $800 a few days later.  Live and learn!

All was not lost as we wound up staying at Planet Hollywood for about $550 per person including hotel and air. Just like the Bellagio, Planet Hollywood is a 4-star hotel right in the middle of the Strip.   I just checked rates at the Planet Hollywood for the same amount of days we stayed and got a quote from Priceline for over $900!  Timing is everything...remember that.

Planet Hollywood is a 4-star hotel and it was a great deal!  I found creative ways to keep us fed including finding free coupons off local Vegas sites (a lot of buy one, get one deals) and using Living Social and Groupon.  We scored a Groupon for Lagasse Stadium at the Venetian and wound up paying about 60 percent less than we would have had we ate there without a groupon

I booked a package deal, but only after making sure I couldn't get a better deal if booking my hotel and air separately.  We didn't rent a car, we walked everywhere!  Saved money on cabs that way and got a good workout. I was also able to land Cirque tickets half off via a ticket discounter site. We went to see Zumanity. Yeah....thats a post for another time!

It's late and I'm quite tired but I do want to share how I saved and the strategies I used so that we found great deals and were able to stretch our dollar. So stay tuned for part 2... - no one deals like we do!

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