Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sign up for Saving Star Today! Don't Leave Money Behind!

I can't stress enough how you shouldn't let any money that you could save go by...don't leave cash on the table, in the drawer or anywhere!!! You have to maximize all your money saving opportunities, Savingstar is a great way to do this!

Savingstar is an AWESOME tool for savings.  You simply sign up, add your store cards and activate the coupons you want to use.  The coupons don't come off at check out but they will accure in your Savingstar account.  Once you hit $5 in savings, they'll send you a check!!! It's that easy.  It's a no brainier, I think.  So use the graphic below and sign up!  They have some great coupons including Eggo Waffles, Tropicana OJ, Egg Beaters, L'Oreal and many many more!!!

Signing up is FREE!

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