Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Move Your Money Project

I have all my accounts with one bank.  A big whom I am clearly just a number.  Not saying all my  experiences with them have been horrible, but when I've had bad experiences they are quick to let me know who is in charge (and its not me!).

Bank of America had even announced that they would be charging customers a $5 fee just to use their debit card!  A plan they eventually dropped because well, it was stupid. I can't imagine paying $5 to use my own money.

The folks over at the Move Your Money Project think we should move our money out of the big banks citing we need to end the notion of "too big to fail".  And hey, individuals fail everyday without any bailouts. I'm not saying its the governments job to bail anyone out but I think the consumer has been taken for a ride.  Even though we all have accountability in this mess we call an economy.

What do you think? Are you planning to move your money?

For details on the Move Your Money Project visit:

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