Sunday, January 5, 2014

January: Use Those Samples!

What are the most important things that a deal finder, bargain hunter, couponer can do this month?  Clean house! Now is a great time to re-organize and also use up older samples.

Go through your inventory, stockpile, stash or whatever you call it and use samples, trial and travel packs you've accumulated. This month is my month to use all the travel and sample sizes shampoos, conditioners, lotions, ointments, etc... that I have received?

I do this for 2 reasons...

  1. While some of the products may not expire per se, they definitely are better by a certain date. So I want to use them while they are at their best because I may really like the product and opt to purchase the full size version.
  2. Plenty more samples will come this year. I don't want to hoarde samples for no reason. I love getting samples and I love giving feedback about them and the only way to do this is to actually use them!
I have samples set aside for trips I am planning this month and next, so I won't use up those but save them for my trip so I can travel without the bulk of the bigger sizes.    Priority use is given to samples I received before June 2013.

How do use utilize your samples?

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