Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Acne War Continues

I haven't updated about my acne war in some time. Partly because there was nothing to update. I was loosing. the OCM method didn't work on the acne even though it helped make my skin glow.  The pimples? Not so much.

For a time, I accepted defeat. I mean the acne was taking over, throwing a party and I was the reluctant host. I still wasn't willing to go back to Proactive for reasons I mentioned previously nor did I want to start on Rx. So I just took a break and tried not to think about it. My trying not to think about it resulted in me actually avoiding looking in the mirror. Yes! It was so bad I just didn't even want to look anymore.

Well, its a new day and I'm still searching what will work for me. I am starting to see results with a new regime I've been using for the past few weeks. I am hoping this is it, I am hoping that it will be the long term solution. So I want to share a bit about whats been working for me because if you too suffer from acne perhaps you can give it a shot too.

Routine AM and PM

  • Wash face with cetaphil cleanser (sometimes I'll use black soap)
  • Follow with a honey and lemon mask
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar toner (mix of the ACV and water)
  • Use one of the following moisturizers: (its my gf's moisturizer! lol or use grapeseed oil, sometimes both.)  The moisturizer that has worked for me before is called Go Ginger, I'm all out and need to reorder
Here's some important notes:
  • I purchased white wash clothes just to use on my face. That is the only use. I will use those to wipe my face after cleansing or a paper towel.  I started with the white washclothes because it allows me to see if there is anything left on my face after cleansing. I don't think I was always getting my face completely clean
  • I drink ginger tea 2x a day! It helps with inflammation...which acne is. I has great benefits. And it helped with the first few days of using it. There are some days I only take it once and thats OK
  • I use my new DDF I won during an Allure contest. It's basically like a clarisonic. I use it about 2x a week which is less than recommended but it helps get the deep clean I need.
  • I use a clay mask 1x a week and a charcoal mask 1x a week...both serve the same help draw out impurities. 
  • I use lemon for the dark marks. I also use Equitance dark spot essence I won in a contest (this stuff retails for $125). I actually have started seeing results
  • I also drink a green smoothie every other day and upped my intake of spinach
I have a few new pimples I noticed today. But overall, my face looks so much better. The acne is not as inflamed and I'm actually looking in the mirror.  As with any acne treatment sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, so I'm not judging the fact that I have new pimples as a failure of the regime.  I give myself until Jan 21 to really make a judgement call.

I really need to do some "before" pics but if i take pics now it will be way better than when I started, but I still have a long way to go. 

Yes To! Had a $2 sale recently and I racked up on my their Yes To Tomatoes line which is geared towards acne prone skin.  My skin at times seems to work well on a regime and then it seems to get used to it, so I plan to use this line also to switch it up to keep the acne at bay.  I am also looking to try salicylic acid, I hear Paula's Choice has a good product.

Update:  I just did a google image search for "acne".  My acne isn't nearly as bad as those images...I didn't realize it could be that bad. wow. What a nasty condition this is!  

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