Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness: Shopping for FREE (Well, Almost)

This month is my own form of March Madness.

The Goal: To shop for free or close to it

Monthly Spend Limit: $55.55 Out of Pocket (before taxes)
plus an additional $55.55 for stockpile

This month my goal is to shop free free or as close to it as possible!  $55.55 (yes, its a crazy number but it makes it fun)  is all I plan to spend on food this month.  My stockpile is more than generous with household and personal hygiene items, so we won't be needing any of that anyway.  We have plenty of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, laundry detergent and the like.  I have also allocated an additional $55.55 to stockpiling if I find good deals throughout the month. The stockpile includes items we don't need for current consumption, but items that I find rock bottom deals on that we normally use in our household.

Today was my first shopping trip.  We were almost out of milk, no eggs (thanks to my excessive baking over the past few weeks) or orange juice.  So that was my focus. Here is what I picked up at Walmart:

My Spend:
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Delights - $2
Eggs - .95cents ( I normally don't buy this size, but the prices to me weren't great for a dozen)
Milk - $3.19
Orange Juice -  $2.98
Schick Razors - $1.97 

Coupons used:
$1.25 off Jimmy Dean Delights wyb Orange Juice
Free Milk Coupon when you buy 2 breakfast items
.75cents off Minute Maid OJ
(2) $3.00 of Schick Razors*


*I have more coupons for these razors, but I always, always have a problem using them at Walmart. They never want to take them and give me a hard time each time.  Today was no different.  As a matter of fact, unless I am getting the lowest possible price or wanting to have an overage I avoid shopping at Walmart with coupons for this exact reason. I figured to play it safe with just 2 Schick coupons, but had I used another, my total would have been pennies. But of course, the cashier probably would have blew a gasket!

Tomorrow, I am going back to Walmart to repeat this deal minus the milk (I only had one coupon).  I plan to purchase more breakfast foods.  We need pasta too but I didn't see any great prices at Walmart.  So pasta won't be on the menu this week!

I will also be paying Target a visit, I am still working on my Target 100 collecting $500 in Target Giftcards to use towards my holiday shopping.  So far I have $75.  I'm a little behind, but I am only getting the best deals on things we need, I'm not purchasing just to get a gift card, but there are some really great deals going on that will help me get back on track!  They have the Always, Playtex, Listerine, Eggo and Schick gift card deals that I plan on nabbing this weekend! Hopefully I can keep that OOP to less than $25.

Dollars Left to Spend: $53.68. Still have $55.55 towards stockpile remaining.

Thoughs, comments, suggestions or great deals I should know about please leave a comment!

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