Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Target 100

At the start of the year I set a goal to get 100 Target $5 gift cards from taking advantage of Target's gift card with purchase promotions.  Crazy?? Maybe...  But I figured that between Jan and November I can rack up cards that can be used for Christmas purchases.  Now, I won't use them all at once but use them once the sales start for the holiday season and save a few for the after holiday sales.

Here are my rules:

  • Only purchase things that are needed.
  • Get the best deal possible (get items on sale, use manufacturer and Target coupons)
  • Do not spend the gift cards until November
I started with the Lean Cuisine special offers at the start of the month, after which I actually started to keep track of what I was spending.  Since keeping track I've spent $41.07 OOP and received $20 in gift cards. I have $30 in gift cards total, but $10 was before I started tracking my purchases.  That $41 went to purchases of Smart Ones and Flinstones vitamins. I like Smart Ones and I have saved so much money and time by popping on in the microwave as opposed to fast food purchases.  They cost me around $1.50 each...$1.50 for a meal isn't bad...not bad at all :-)  The Flintstones vitamins are perfect for our little ones to help them get the nutrients they need.  

I always have my eye out on good deals.  I am planning to get a more vitamins before the promo expires.  I didn't see any outstanding deals this week, but I am patiently waiting.  I will keep updating my progress.

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