Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Delights

I purchased 2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Delights over my past few shopping trips.  They had the $1.25 off any 59 oz or larger Orange Juice floating around and since OJ is a regular staple in our home I thought I would give it a try.  They offer two variety's one with ham and the other with sausage, I purchased both with sausage.

Today, I decided to have one for breakfast.  My biggest issue is that I am always on the go in the morning so sometimes I skip breakfast or grab any junk which is not good.  I need something that is quick and that I can take on the go with me, these breakfast bowls take less than 3 minutes to cook and are in a portable plastic bowl, perfect for my lifestyle!  They have sausage, eggs, cheese and potatoes.

The Verdict: Pretty Good

The thing about frozen foods is that the run the risk of still tasting frozen, even when cooked!  I really enjoyed the bowl, even though it was a little dry.  I think the dryness was from the potatoes which normally I would put ketchup on, but since it was all combined in one bowl I didn't use any ketchup.  Another thing is my microwave is super, so I probably didn't need to cook it as long as the instructions indicated. I probably could have been fine cooking it at 2min and 30sec.  When I make the next bowl, I will cook it for less time.

Worth the Money: YES

They have just 250 calories and about 22grams of protein and if you use this to replace say, a McDonalds breakfast then this is the way to go.  They are just $2 at Walmart, $2.04 at Target so it's not a bad deal for a complete breakfast, in my opinion.  Just watch the sodium! I wouldn't eat them daily, but once or twice a week in replacement of some other less healthy choices isn't bad.

Have you tried these what do you think?

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