Friday, September 6, 2013

The OCM Day 1

So after my revelation that grapeseed oil works for acne, like very bad acne. I stumbled across the world of OCM or the Oil Cleansing Method.

Essetinally, the OCM allows you to cleanse your face using oil. The premise is that acne prone skin that is oily is actually very dry skin hence why the skin over compensates by producing excess oil causing acne so by cleansing with dissolves like, so they say.

There are a lot of oils you can use, some great some not so great. But of course, what works for one may not work for another.

I tried the method today with Sweet Almond Oil. I've used it before (not on my face) and very much like the properties and how it made my skin feel.

I wet my face with warm water, massaged in the almond oil for about 2 minutes and used a warm rag to take the oil off. My face was a bit dry after, so I added more almond oil to moisturize.

I will try a mix of almond and grapeseed oil tomorrow. I also read that just letting the oil sit on your face for a bit before washing off helps purge the pores.

We shall see.

Ever try this method? Let me know your results!

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