Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Review: Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It

I received a sample of the Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It complementary in my Spring Influenster Box.

First impression was that wasn't going to work on my curly hair.  I am really hesitant to use products, especially styling products that aren't marketed specifically for curly and/or natural hair. But the whole purpose is to try an test the products in the box, so since that is what I committed to do, that is what I did.


The stuff really really works!

Let me just say how happy this makes me, my current quest in life is for big hair. So I've been growing my hair to get the length. My hair icon is Tracee Ellis Ross. Her hair gives me life!

I digress...Dust It come out as a powder, but it really is a gel and somehow magically it gives hair volume. I don't know how it works, but it works.

In hindsight, I really should have done a before and after. Oh well, here's the after. My hair isn't "done" in this picture. I was just playing around with the product because honestly I didn't think it would do anything. I added more product to the front of my hair and I'm currently rocking a big curly and sexy 'fro!

So if you have curly hair like mine, you can either apply directly to the roots or as I did, sprinkle some in your hair rub together and apply close to roots. I kind of "shook up" my hair to help with the volume effect as I applied. 

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