Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Desk Is A Mess...

One of the things I severely lack in my home is storage space. When my home was built, it wasn't built with many storage options and the storage available is small and filled.  And when I say filled, I don't mean filled with junk.  But filled with things we use daily and weekly.  And don't think we use much, because we don't and we are serial "spring cleaners". Meaning, we don't hesitate to throw out, thrift or freecycle items that we don't use or no longer have a use for.

Despite this, for some reason I've never really sought out storage solutions.  Just not having space has become a way of life and I've decided that that is no longer cool.

So I am on a quest to find storage solutions that are functional and also nice to look at.  The Container Store is on my places to visit. I will start with my office area and expand to the rest of the house. Time to get the mess under control!

For some visual inspiration, here are a few pics of what I desperately need and the look I am going for.  Know of any places to visit that have great storage solutions? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Lately, I have been considering getting free dressers from craigslist and repurposing them. Taking out drawers, repainting, adding baskets. I'm in love with this idea and will try it soon enough.

  2. that's a really good idea. i've seen a few projects on Pintrest where others have done the turns out great! i love baskets as well, so any project with them i'm a fan :-)