Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rite Aid Mini Haul: Almost Free Detergent and Eyeshadow

Rite Aid isn't normally a store I shop.  I find their pricing overall to be higher than average. But they did have some great deals this week that I couldn't pass up.
Purex detergent is on sale for 1.99, and select Almay products are 75% off.

Purex printable coupons were floating around, so I used 3 to snag 3 Purex detergents for just 99 cents a bottle.

I landed Almay eye trio for free with a $2 off Rite Aid coupon. It rang up as 1.99, it was over $7 retail...yikes!

I walked paying a total of just $2.97 before tax with all the items mentioned. Plus, there is a single-check rebate for the Almay which will give me $2 back for my purchase, making the deal a money maker. Finally, Endorse this week is giving 10% back on detergent, so I've uploaded my receipt and expect 30 cents to be added to my Endorse account. Overall, my total purchase was almost free. Not bad.

There is a great deal to be had next week at Rite Aid as well, Free Keri lotion so I will definitely be back!

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